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Yoga is a state and is therefore universal - it can be practiced by anyone at any time. The aim of the Yoga-practice is to experience this state consciously. Thereby we are able to find our true identity, peace and harmony. Yoga develops our virtues and helps us approach our problems with patience and understanding. Learn more about Yoga.

Astanga-Yoga is the eight-fold path of Yoga, described by Rishi Patanjali approximately 2000 years ago. In the Yogasutras he explains in detail the path to Yoga, as well as the state of Yoga itself - the unity between body, mind and soul. Yoga as a state and a path are inseparable - the same principal of unity is applicable for both - in consciousness and in action. Therefore the eight (Asta) limbs (Anga) of Astanga-Yoga are integrated into each other: without meditation there is no Samadhi, without concentration no mediation, without Pratyahara no concentration, without Pranayama no Pratyahara etc. Learn more about Astanga-Yoga.

Hatha-Yoga - the first four limbs of Astanga-Yoga are assigned to Hatha-Yoga. For practicing them, no previous preparation is required. In a 90 minutes class Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing exercises) and Mudras (gestures, special postures) are practiced. Through proper breathing, concentration and relaxation a balanced sense of the body is attained and the mind is freed from restlessness. Learn more about Hatha-Yoga.

Kriya-Yoga - the higher limbs of Astanga-Yoga are assigned to Raja-Yoga / Kriya-Yoga. Kriya-Yoga is a method, which simultaneously enhances the development of the body, mind and soul. Learn more about Kriya-Yoga.

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